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It’s a strange thing really, Acceptance…. is it telling yourself that what you are trying to do, just can’t be done!!! To me that’s just giving up and telling everyone that you were wrong and what you genuinely believed  to be true, wasn’t … Or….. or is telling yourself that what you honestly believed  that you were doing the right thing but deep down you knew that you weren’t doing it right but kept lying to yourself that it was ok. Hmmmm…. let me think about that for a second… I’ve been on this program for almost two months and there’s no doubt I’ve had lots of little improvements, not necessarily obvious to anyone not living in my body but to me that does, the subtle changes are huge. The only significant issue as far as I’m concerned is the shocking weakness that happens everyday at roughly the same time, about four and a half hours after I get up and move around. I thought it was the protein or granola bar I ate daily so they were eliminated. I had slight improvements yes, but the midday weakness continued, so what could it be? Looking back I am fairly confident that a food that’s prohibited for the first three months has been a daily thing for me. Porridge oats, I thought, gluten free, coconut milk and Stevia, it’ll be fine, I’m doing everything else right but the midday weakness persists so I really cannot think it could be anything else. Okay….  acceptance, I’ve been lying to myself and that hurts… stupid… stupid boy, even worse, not a boy but a should know better 62 yr old man.


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