Taking for granted…

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Taking for granted.

At the end of each day I reflect on my progress and it appears that what I’m doing is working which as I’m sure you can understand is very pleasing, I previously mentioned that the line I write each day about testing my handwriting is becoming more readable each day. The porridge oats were stopped today, Tuesday so hopefully it’ll only take a few days to be out of my system and that will be reflected in a reduction in my daily weakness. There’s a good chance that they were the offending agent, I don’t expect a miraculous difference but I believe it’ll help move me in the right direction. I’m reasonably comfortable about the changes I’ve made in my diet and I know that me getting sick from the initial symptoms to the giving up work was close to seventeen years. The hideous squatter had a long time to damage and seriously contaminate the precious organs of my body, precious to me. So reversing that is not going to happen overnight, there’ll be bad and “not good days” in comparison to the good and great days, I just have to accept what’s happening and see all the up’s and downs as part of the journey, my healing journey and certainly not take this extremely special thing for granted, thank you Ann for saving our lives, R.I.P. and thank you Janet for sharing.

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