A little bit better…

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A little bit better.

I almost feel that I shouldn’t say anything for fear of tempting fate, I felt that there was a good chance that the porridge oats I was having everyday was the likely culprit for my afternoon weakness, so I had my last one on Monday. I felt great as expected Tuesday morning and decided at 12.30 to go rest, the weakness was there but definitely not as bad. I rested for a few hours then felt great so returned to my normal day in the living room and finished a good book, that’s my 27th so far this year. So not having the oats Tuesday confirmed that I’d made the right decision, I’m hoping that there will be exponential improvements over the next few days. When your life has been severely impacted by disease, obviously in my case it’s MS, then making changes knowing that by doing so you’ll significantly improve your life, not just the initial day to day things but massively improve your desire to actually live. That’s not an exaggeration, it’s a fact, getting up in the morning and knowing everything you do from crossing your legs while just sitting down or going to the loo 25 times is going to be difficult, painful and so, so frustrating, so not eating certain foods is no big deal. It’s actually quite rewarding to know that a food you ate daily,  tasted good but was very likely nutritionally bereft and can be eliminated then replaced with a healthy alternative that over time will significantly help in your quest for life. I’ve probably cut out 20 different foods that I liked but we’re actually causing problems. It’s so sad that a very large percentage of processed foods are riddled with sugars, artificial flavours and preservatives that con your brain and tastebuds into wanting more of a substance that’s not real food that can help you but in reality limits your chances to live and actually harms you. At the end of the day, you and I have a choice to make….. please your tastebuds…. or help your body feel a little bit better, I know what my choice is..

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