So easy…

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So easy.

Am I referring to getting healthy, no I’m not because  removing a disease that’s lived in your body for as long as most kids are in school isn’t easy, far from it, the changes, additions and lifestyle adjustments needed to kill the bad bacteria, parasites and fungi is a very lengthy, difficult process and requires real commitment. I think in most cases because this process has lots of highs and lows that it’s constantly challenging you, one minute, literally one minute the body is reacting in a very positive way to the elimination but can do a 180 degree turn the next. Because of this it requires a very high level of commitment, I’m sure that you yourself will have doubts and those nearest and dearest will see the lows and probably say it’s not working so you shouldn’t believe the “snake oil salesman” and put your faith in the doctors and western medicine because they know best. Well the facts speak for themselves, ask any medical professional if multiple sclerosis can be cured, ask to see proof of who in the past 30 years have actually been cured, guess what… none using pharmaceutical drugs… none, so they say it’s incurable. Okay now read Ann Boroch’s book or Janets story and several others then ask yourself are they better than you? was their MS milder than yours?, the answer to those questions is a resounding no….. but they did have faith and incredibly determined in the face of adversity when all around them were telling them to give up that crazy, ridiculous idea. They had, have, incredible determination and I for one want to do the same, I will accept there will be hard times and bad days but there will also be great times and fantastic days. The title of this post, So easy… is referring to how it’s so easy to become accustomed to feeling good, which I did yesterday, in fact I felt better yesterday morning right through till about 1.00 than at anytime in my MS life. It’s now Thursday morning, I don’t feel bad I just don’t feel as good as yesterday but this is just a phase of my healing, I’m closer now than ever before, it might be next year or the year after but it is happening, I’m 100% sure.

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