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As I wrote yesterday, I think that Wednesday was a great day and Thursday although not great it was far from a bad day, in the main I felt quite good, just not brilliant. But just as everyone else doing this there’s going to be bad, very bad, not very good, good and great days and I’ve reconciled myself to accept that day as a stage in my journey. I just deal with the bad or not good days by responding appropriately, if I’m really weak I simply go rest in my bed, I don’t let myself get upset or depressed about it. This is a long undefined journey with some bad and lots of good, becoming great days. There isn’t a map with defined points on it telling me when and where the rest stops or refuelling places are so I just have to be prepared for bumpy roads or motorways as and when I come across them. The week before I started in September, Janet explained a few things to me, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but knowing I will do this against all odds makes it all the more rewarding.  My first un-diagnosed symptoms were in 1997, the early stages of RRMS which gradually led to diagnosis in 2004, I worked full time until April 2011. It’s been a very rocky road, no pun intended as I lived in Colorado, and the first neurologist told me I’d be in a wheelchair permanently within 6 months if I didn’t take the medication which I never did and never have. Looking at my life pre ABP and since starting less than two months ago, I have to put it into perspective and realise I’m so lucky. For anyone new or no longer following the program, have faith, it works, be strong and help the program help you.

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