My perception…

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My perception.

As each day starts I tell myself that I’m going to have a good day, even before my feet hit the floor my mind affirms that I’ll feel strong and stable regardless of how my body feels and of course there are times that I’m a little weak to start but I can’t let that initial feeling dictate my day. Take today (Saturday) for example, I’d woken at 6.30 and read for an hour, I always drink a litre of water before getting up and going to the bathroom. Initially I didn’t feel brilliant but I ignored that and constantly recited a positive mantra, now I’m not saying that the mantra per se made my body chemistry rectify what was making me feel a little unstable, but the positivity it instilled in my mind certainly helped.  I firmly believe that believing makes all the difference, if you believe you can or you believe you can’t…. you’re right I have told myself that the ABP will cure me, there will definitely be bad days, but they are becoming fewer and further between. My writing is better, my strength and stability are improving so it’s happening, it might be another two or three years but in my mind it’s not an if it’s a when. There’s lots of alone time, time when it would be easy to  give up and tell myself it’s not working but that won’t actually help initially or in the long term, I have a gut feeling that slowly but surely it will happen and the main controlling feeling and more importantly is that my perception is that I’ll win.

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