Not all fantastic news…

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Not all fantastic news.

I think on Wednesday last week I’d started the day feeling good but by about 5.00 pm  I became very weak, and although last Saturday was great in the main there was a point late afternoon that I just felt very hot and a strange weakness seemed to overwhelm my body until I whipped off my T shirt and cooled down. These things happen and I really cannot understand why, it’s not as if it’s baking hot, but my upper body, my chest becomes ridiculously hot which results in a terrible weakness. So although I’ve definitely been feeling good of late, it’s not all fantastic news. Hold on, hold on !!!!! did I just say it wasn’t all fantastic news… uh, Hello!!! Let’s put this into perspective, over the last ten days while I’ve been awake obviously, I’ve been great for 95% of the time, so only 5% has been bad, and even that wasn’t exactly bad!! It just was a little frustrating, a little awkward. So in reality No it hasn’t all been fantastic but 95% of it was so I’m very happy and really anticipating a lot of great and even greater days to come. Missing out on the delicious sugar free chocolate and the other treats I used to indulge in is a pain yes, but not having them is a very small price to pay in exchange for feeling so good. Think about it, there are drugs that can make you feel good temporarily but have terrible side effects and will never, ever cure you, or, or, change your diet, eat healthy foods and cure yourself…. hmmm, let me think about that for a nanosecond, okay curing it is!!!!

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