Could it be…

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Could it be.

I’ve said I’m very pleased by the way I seem to be slowly but very steadily improving, although my daily diet isn’t exactly exciting, it’s not bothering me, it’s reasonably tasty so as far as I’m concerned it’s perfectly fine. The steady improvements, the consistency which is very noticeable in my daily writing always pleases me, it’s a little thing I know but being able to hold the pen correctly and neatly printing sort of gives me a psychological boost in the morning.The guide of potential improvements that Janet mentioned obviously cannot be given a firm time as to when exactly they’ll happen but it’s very close. The improvements over the last three weeks also tie in with a change, an addition to my daily supplements. I’ve said before about the quality of them which I honestly think is of paramount importance. There’s a monumental difference between supplement providers, doing your due diligence when choosing the best quality will make a huge difference in how your body breaks down and truly assimilates the nutrient. About three weeks ago I included Hemp oil…. Cannabis Sativa 1000 mg 3 times daily. Now the last thing I’d say is that since taking it I’ve improved. As far as I’m concerned, the advice I’ve been give through reading the book and just as importantly by Janet has been instrumental in getting me to this point, a place where I know without a shadow of doubt that the ABP works. But could it be that that the Cannabis Sativa has helped to push things a little quicker, now I’m not endorsing the Cannabis or advocating you use it but purely from a matter of interest I get the Hemp oil, Cannabis Sativa 1000 mg capsules from Amazon, whatever, I’m going to keep going with this and keep an open mind.

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