I should have known….

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I should have known.

Over the last three months I’ve had several issues with foods, luckily none of what essentially are forbidden foods have caused a serious long term problem and for that I’m grateful. During the first six weeks I was having a granola protein bar daily which definitely contributed to a regular as clockwork weakness ten minutes either side of 12.15, fortunately for me I live in a little flat so transitioning between the living room, bathroom and bedroom shouldn’t be a big problem. Sadly on one particular day it was, but the way I look at a 40 minute crawl, drag on the floor which was painful yes, but I learnt from it and hopefully won’t be a numpty again. I’m becoming more  aware of changes that I know are likely to become difficult for me within a short period of time so I see it as a sign and I respond accordingly. There are times that I get a little upset with myself when I eat something that causes problems and I think “I Should Have Known Better” but in all fairness I’m only three months old in this so I obviously don’t know everything. I’m taking this whole thing very seriously, I’ve had too many years which were a painful humiliating struggle to not do everything I can to rid myself of this disease. I’m being rewarded for taking this seriously and showing respect for the the late Ann Boroch and for Janet Orchard for guiding us all. Rewarded in all the positives that are showing me that when done properly, this works. I think we all have concerns and doubts at 3 a.m. feeling pain and frustration, but the positives I’m experiencing have told me a message that has been caste in stone, healing is mine if I want it enough, and I do so it will be so..

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