My Saturday….

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My Saturday.

I wanted to write about my Saturday but I’m not sure that I can explain with enough passion to adequately express how it was, I suppose Wow!!!! said with emphasis might do it. Okay I’ll try to put some meat on the bones. A couple of times I tripped and stumbled, not because I was weak, no far from it, I stumbled because I felt so good and tried to walk normally, fortunately the stumble was while moving into the kitchen and the table came to my rescue, so no big deal really. I didn’t feel specifically weak after lunch but thought it would be better to go rest just in case the weakness hit me unexpectedly.  I only rested for half the time I usually do and felt perfectly fine for the rest of the day. The process of negotiating between rooms was a lot easier and even though I did more I was nowhere near as tired at the end of my day. To say I’m happy is an understatement, I’m not quite three months in and the improvements are coming more frequently and seem to last longer. I’m not expecting the great experience today to be permanent but I want to share this feeling, this emotion and to hopefully inspire and encourage everyone doing  the ABP to be totally honest with yourself, “are you doing this properly”, if you are then the positives will come. During the first month I think I was probably 95% compliant, as soon as I was honest with myself, accepted the advice, “thanks Janet”, better and more consistent things happened. So my Saturday was excellent and I’m expecting many, many more good days to come.

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