I believe…

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I believe.

My three month anniversary happens on Thursday and I have nothing….. nothing but confidence in this protocol, it’s such a wonderful feeling to wake up each day and know I’m a step closer to my goal. Obviously I’m in the very early stages of this, a protocol designed to heal a body suffering with what every doctor of western medicine and neurologist consider to be an incurable disease. That being said this protocol, this method relies on three main things and all three are subject to potential mistakes, errors that essentially are man made. Firstly there are supplements that must be taken, secondly there are adjustments to the foods we eat and thirdly there is personal commitment…. The supplements are fairly straightforward, the foods can be a little more demanding, but there are very specific foods that should and definitely shouldn’t be eaten. So it’s the third part that seems to be the main factor in succeeding or not and that is the human side, choice…. Yes choice… do you want to get healthy or not, simple, if you want it, really want it more than anything then you’ll stick to the plan. Obviously if you deviate, if you tell yourself you just have to eat or drink whatever is making your mouth drool then you didn’t want to get healthy enough, I’m saying You but I really mean, you, me, whoever has this hideous debilitating disease. So far I’ve had numerous really great days and during the first six weeks or so I had some horrendous days, but I knew without a shadow of doubt that the weakness, the pain, the humiliation and frustration were temporary, I knew it would be so much better the following day. There are always going to be bad days, we have a freaking horrible disease, but by sticking to this, the bad days are fewer and further between and that makes me happy but not quite as much as how good, how great the good days are, we all have days when it just seems too hard to do and so easy to slip,  but in my opinion that’s not an option because of one thing, and that’s because I believe, simple, it’s a fact.

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