Whatever it takes….

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Whatever it takes.

How to succeed at getting your life back, okay that’s not an easy thing to do for a person with MS, but we know but it is possible regardless of what the so called medical professionals tell you, not wanting to be disrespectful of them and their academic and medical qualifications but they have no intention of making you better. Their plan is to make things easier for you to cope with what they perceive to be an incurable disease. Back to my point, the first step is….

1) Have a plan,  have a purpose, you have just told yourself you have a future, you aren’t going to slide or slip into obscurity, you are going to regain your life.

2) Be strong, you aren’t going to rely on anyone else for your mental strength, Yes if course there is physical help you need but tell yourself that mentally you can do it.

3) Have enthusiasm, you can and will motivate yourself to be the best You, you can be.

4) Read Ann Boroch’s book… then read it again and let the principles of how she healed herself soak in and stick to them.

5) Self discipline, don’t tell yourself it’s okay to have a small sugary treat today because you’ll make up for it tomorrow. Be strong, it’s better to take one step forward and to stay there than it is by taking a step backwards. None of us are perfect, there’s always going to be stumbling blocks along the way, but that’s what they are, just stumbling blocks not dead ends.

I know I will succeed, it might take two or three years but I know that getting my life back is going to be so much better than being sick, be focused and committed to this, I am and  I know I will do whatever it takes.

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