Slow down….

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Slow down…

Monday was an interesting day, I think I’ve been feeling really good for about a week or more and the ever so little improvements appear to be staying with me, so much so that I’ve tended to move around a little better, still using walls and furniture but a little quicker and easier. I think I’ve put myself in several quite precarious positions of late and very luckily I’ve always got away with it. Until Monday that is, around lunchtime I was just returning from the bathroom and looking forward to my sweet potato fries. Moving a little quicker than I should have, my left foot scuffed on the carpet as my left leg was passing my right leg…. oops.. I fell very heavily, it all seemed to happen in slow motion until there was a really loud noise. I didn’t lose consciousness as my head cracked into the edge of the coffee table but I did see stars, lots of them. If my carer Megan hadn’t been there I’d have been up shit creek without a paddle. I could feel what felt like a  cup of warm liquid being poured over my head… no not really but the blood ran freely from my throbbing bonce. As I said Megan applied pressure and lots of paper towels for a good 10 minutes until it only slightly leaked. I’m writing this at 11.30 p.m. Monday, my head hurts a bit but no big deal, I say no big deal but there is a lump about as big as half a golf ball on the back of my head. But all in all I’m fine and I learned a good lesson today… yes you’re healing Stefan but SLOW DOWN.

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