Only a matter of time…

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Only a matter of time..

I’ve never been a jigsaw puzzle fan, I think I’ve probably done maybe three or four in my life, I’m not sure if having patience is the main requirement but it is definitely needed and to be honest I’ve just never had the desire or interest in doing them. To me not seeing something that is right in front of you and then finding it was always bloody frustrating rather than satisfying. However that’s not the case in my situation regarding my health, here is a problem that the best doctors and neurologists have pronounced as incurable, they are telling us it’s a condition ruining the lives of millions but it’s a problem that’s unsolvable, apparently millions and millions of pounds and dollars have been spent on research to solve this worldwide problem but all they can come up with are drugs that in the short term relieve some of the symptoms but long term exacerbate the condition. Anyone reading my posts will no doubt have noticed that I have an intense dislike for those pariahs masquerading as helpers known as big Pharma.

Anyway back to my point…..the jigsaw puzzle known as multiple sclerosis, “they” sell you the 10,000 piece puzzle but one or two of the key pieces are withheld so you start off quite well, you’re able to put at least half of the pieces in place but no matter how long you stare at the jumble of pieces and no matter how many times you try to fit a piece in, it just doesn’t go in so you remain in the same place. Then you hear from the puzzle maker that there’s an additional pack of pieces that could possibly include the ones you’re missing, so naturally you go along with this and buy the additional pieces, that particular scenario happens multiple times.

We all know that it’s just a scam, an intricate elaborate one aimed at keeping you as a customer, so frustrating and unfortunately it’s a lifelong problem. Or is it….. enter Ann Boroch with a genuine solution, she’s been able to look at the big picture, the completed puzzle and work backwards to provide the key pieces to everyone’s  puzzle. Now you can imagine how annoyed the other people are, this is going to affect their profits….. unfortunately Ann Boroch is no longer with us…. draw your own conclusions.

Back to my puzzle, fortunately for me I’ve got the genuine pieces and I’m able to continue putting together my 10,000 piece puzzle, I know it’s going to take a long time to complete but the important part of it is that I know all the pieces are there and finishing it is only a matter of time.

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