Not fairly but absolutely..

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Not fairly but absolutely sure.

Last week I dabbled with increasing the dosage of Serrapeptase and said I’d try making the increase a regular thing, having 2 x 80,000 i.u. first thing in the morning and another 80,000 i.u. in the afternoon, well it’s only Wednesday and I’m very happy about the differences I’m noticing. As we all know a negative effect can happen and show almost immediately whereas a positive effect can take a while to be truly recognised in its full capacity. Well Monday was the first day and I actually felt quite good both physically and mentally, Tuesday was the same, little things like being able to control small movements with my legs that normally result in either limited or very jerky adjustments. My physical handwriting that I do everyday as a visual sign to assess detailed control is so much better, now it looks like neat print as opposed to an insect leaving marks that vaguely resemble words. When I’m in my bed, normally I’d have to adjust my position with difficulty to twist slightly and reach across my body to grab a glass of water, yesterday I was a little cautious but I was able to do this with my left hand and bring it to my right hand without spilling water all over me. Small things that to an able bodied person seem to be perfectly normal but to me and others suffering with MS was really, really good. I know that this whole process of diet and anti-fungal’s and correct supplementation is all down to the late Ann Boroch, God rest her soul, but the addition of Serrapeptase is something I only added last week and I’m very optimistic about how it’s improving my progress. This journey is very long and arduous, no one can expect to make miraculous transitions from being extremely sick to perfectly healthy but the small subtle improvements I’m experiencing are massive to me and the addition of Serrapeptase is making a difference, of that I’m  not fairly but absolutely sure.

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