They are happening….

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They are happening.

Obviously the most significant changes that have happened to me in recent years, from a positive aspect have taken place since I started the ABP on September 1st when my diet and the addition of certain supplements happened. During my first month I had lots of good days but between them were just as many bad days, to a certain extent it was a quite confusing period, feeling great and optimistic one day only to be knocked down the next. Towards the end of that period, and looking back there was a specific timescale which was two months give or take a couple of days where I absolutely knew a bad day would be followed by several good days, so when it happened I just accepted it was going to be tough so I went to bed and meditated. The third month was definitely a lot better, I still had bad days but not as many and nowhere near as bad, I just became weaker for a few hours, no big deal becauseI knew there’d be a good day that was better than the previous good days which boosted my spirits. I’ve written several times about Serrapeptase and how it seems to have taken my improvements a step further. In my mind it’s made a world of difference, however I know it wouldn’t have had such an impact if I hadn’t already been following the tried and tested ABP. During the past two weeks I’ve almost taken it for granted that the progress will continue, I say almost, but not completely, I know the protocol has made the bulk of improvements, it’s started me on what I believe is a successful regimen of diet and supplementation. Adding Serrapeptase when I did, and I believe the timing is so important has made a difference, the changes are small but they are constantly happening which as I’m sure you can imagine are making me very, very happy, the improvements, specifically, well I’d have to be really pedantic to detail the minor differences but trust me when I say ” they are happening”.


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