Not important…

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Not important.

Christmas and New Year…… in my previous life both those days were very special as they are to most people, being with family and friends, giving and getting prezzies, seeing the smiles on those nearest and dearest is great, or should I say, it used to be great. Now it’s not, okay well now it doesn’t really apply because now is different, very, very different. To some people reading this I’m sure there will be feelings of sadness because I’m not celebrating with family or close friends, heck, I’m not celebrating with anyone, Christmas day I saw my carer Megan for 45 minutes while she prepared my lunch etc…. I talked with Mum on the phone and saw Suzie on Face time for a few minutes, both were great and much appreciated.  But hold on, please don’t misinterpret this post, this time of year for me is just “a time” they are no different from any other day of the week…. Why !!!!! because since I learned about Ann Boroch and her incredible achievement of healing herself of MS and since the 1st of September when I started on her protocol, nothing else matters. Okay I’ll clarify that, of course my mum, my sister Suzie and most of my family are of great importance to me, I love them dearly, even if most of them don’t give me a second thought. But celebrations, prezzies, indulging in food and drinks, they aren’t important, they don’t matter one iota, what does matter however, is my life….. I’ve had fourteen years of hell and several before diagnosis of confusing and painful and frustrating years. Christmas and New year are just distractions, or potential distractions, by focusing on the ABP I’m having prezzies that are way more important, way more rewarding and fulfilling everyday, not just over this period. Having the ability to stand, to get dressed, to walk, to actually go outside, which I haven’t done for a long time is Way !!!!!! more important to me. By not indulging, by not allowing things that have no real importance to distract me I will have the most important, the most significant gift…  the gift of my life….

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