If I’d had me as well…

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If I’d had me…

Strange title for this post but don’t worry I’m not going doolally just yet, at least I don’t think so, or maybe I am as I’m talking to myself again, haha.

Anyway, when I started back in September, only four months but I’ve learned and adapted so much in that time, it seems like another life ago, this post is primarily for the newbies and Journeymen that have slipped a little over the festive and distracting period. I’m not an expert… in this so please don’t take this as advice from someone slapping your wrist, it’s only been four months but it’s Four!!! Months and on this journey it’s a lot. I don’t know, I’m getting more like Ronnie Corbett everyday, not the height thing but wandering verbally. During my first month I definitely became frustrated because I’d have a good day for me followed by a horrendous day and as a 14 year MS sufferer living alone it was hard. But I have something that not everyone has and that’s an unbreakable conviction to the ABP. If you’ve heard this before, I apologize, I’m not boasting just trying to put my challenge into perspective, in my younger life I was a skydiver, hang glider, scuba diver, mountain biker, rock climber and a pilot, okay big breath….. I was also the client service director for the world leading authority in biological dentistry and body chemistry rebalancing, so I’m no expert in the ABP but I do know a thing or two, sort of.

The protocol works but just requires one thing….. it requires you to help it to fix you, after four months, I still have a very long way to go but I know that if I keep doing the right things then I’ll keep getting closer to where I need to be. Be strong, not having the forbidden foods makes you feel massively better long term than the immediate satisfaction of eating them. When I started I could ask Janet a question and still do quite frequently, she has been amazing but from an inspirational and motivational side I didn’t have anyone writing, I know I would have got through the first two months a lot easier if I’d had me as well.

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