Maybe I’m just different…

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Being a parent and I’m sure a very large percentage of readers are, ask yourself a question…. “if your child was in danger, potentially dying, what would you do to save them”…. I imagine the answer from 99.9% is anything, and that’s only right, I know although my kids are not kids per se, they’re adults but I know there wouldn’t be a second’s hesitation to do “whatever” to save their life.

As it happens that emotion, that level, that depth of feeling is exactly how I feel about my own life, that being said I would do anything…. anything at all, I once tried bee venom therapy, being stung multiple times along each side of the spine everyday isn’t nice. But after I talked with Pat Wagner who was later known as “The bee lady” who had relieved all MS symptoms after almost 1,500 stings I was convinced it would work for me, a bee sting is painful and planning on 25 everyday for a few years definitely wasn’t something I was looking forward to, as it happens, my beekeeper friend moved out of state so bee venom therapy didn’t happen. I have had a full dental revision with one of the best dentists in the world, that was 10 5 hours of dentistry over 2 days, 3 if you count the rest day in between. In 2010 I went to Bulgaria for the CCSVI or Chronic  Cerebrospinal venous insufficiency, not nice as its an operation done while you are awake.

My point is this, I… we have a disease, the conventional doctors say is incurable but we…. you and I know that it’s not incurable, it’s just that the doctors don’t have open minds, they just believe the lies told by big Pharma who simply want to make disgusting profits by keeping the sick on drugs that treat symptoms. Whereas Ann Boroch healed herself of multiple sclerosis and you, me and anyone willing to simply eat the right foods and take the right natural supplements can do te same, it’s a damn sight easier and less painful than anything I’ve done before. It’s been 14 years, I’ve had enough pain, frustration and humiliation to last a lifetime, I’ve tried at east 50 so called potential cures, now I’m doing the right thing to heal myself, are you with me? Or maybe you just think I’m different.

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