Multiple sclerosis and the ABP….

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Multiple sclerosis and the ABP.

I’m sure most other sufferers are in the same position as me in that we’ve had this disease for a very long time and have attempted to beat it many many times before only to be let down by what family members perceive to be just another snake oil. We’ve talked to our nearest and dearest and told them that this is different to everything you’ve personally believed and tried before, only to get the  eyebrows raised and the head tilted look and “of course it is honey” response. Inside you know this works and can feel the subtle differences yourself but those minute changes aren’t obvious to anyone not living in your skin.

Why can’t they understand, it’s obvious to you but they just can’t see it,  they’ve all done their research, they’ve read the reports initiated by the pharmaceutical industry that categorically state that this disease is incurable, and big pharma are billion dollar giants that have painstakingly spent millions and millions trying to find an answer with no joy so how on earth can little old you just do something as innocuous as change your diet and take some pills, not even drugs, but natural “supplements” but you believe healing yourself is possible….

Well it’s hard for them to comprehend that the billion dollar giants have never spent a penny on finding a cure, never!!! all they do is create a drug that eases a symptom and to a certain extent to mask the real problem. Disease in general is a cash cow for big Pharma, it’s relatively inexpensive to make a drug, provide the necessary incentives to the powers that be that enable it to be marketed, then set aside a few million for possible legal threats etc then rake in the billions in profits.

Back to your argument and justification for why you must do this and have genuine support. As I’ve said before, the differences to you are massive but not obvious to others, tell them that they are one of ten pushing a 40 ton truck, you are all pushing with all your might, it’s only moving an inch until two others join in… wow.. now it’s moving  two or three inches. Observers from a hundred yards away can’t see any difference but to the twelve pushing it, the difference was huge… you know that over the coming months another ten or twenty or thirty will join the push and then it won’t be inches it’ll be yards, it will be miles, all you have to do is stay strong mentally and persevere, ignore the naysayers, what Ann Boroch did was life changing, she did it against all odds and we will too.

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