Mind of it’s own…

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Mind of its own.

If you talk to a doctor or neurologist about this disease, the one that is a very unwelcome squatter in my body, multiple sclerosis of course, then they’ll explain about the various stages it goes through from relapsing-remitting through to progressive-relapsing with two other possible intermediate stages. Now their opinion is that even though millions of hours have been devoted to research they still haven’t been able to discover the real reason it starts or exactly why it progresses from a disease they can ease to a very minimal extent using drugs to a stage where nothing that they can con you into taking will ease the symptoms, I know for the majority of people that would be a very depressing statement to hear….

I say majority but what I really mean is 99.9%, almost everyone except those lucky enough to have a mind like a parachute, you know the “open” kind and will not listen to the defeatist attitude of those that simply don’t know….. hmmm, oh yes, doctors. I don’t mean to insult those people but we are talking about a life threatening problem here….. traditionally trained doctors say you’ve no chance whereas Ann Boroch followers say that there is concrete evidence proving that you can beat this over time.

Sorry I’m wandering again…… we know from reading her books that MS and Candida are very closely connected, Candida creating a state of candidiasis in the body and multiple sclerosis seem to be a more likely progression than developing the disease for no apparent reason. So the improvements, the changes I’m experiencing after 4 months and 1 week in my opinion are great. I’m still struggling obviously but it’s not as difficult or as painful as it was and considering that the the neurologist I saw several years ago told me I had no chance and from now on things would only get worse….. hah!!!!

I said the other day that the 40 ton truck moved an inch, after 4 months it’s moved several yards and it knows I’m getting more helpers to push this behemoth and its not happy about it, it’s applying the brakes because it has a mind of its own, it’s happy living here and really doesn’t want to move…. tough!! “You’re out of here”.

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