Half the problem….

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Half the problem.

In my humble opinion I think there is a misunderstanding about Multiple sclerosis in general and the same applies to Candida, no I’m not rating myself alongside two great minds, Dr Hal Huggins and Ann Boroch or saying I know more, because I don’t, and my all my knowledge, everything I’ve ever learned about MS could be held in one of their little fingers,  what they have done is genuinely incredible and I’m nothing in comparison. The misunderstanding or should I say unwillingness to recognise the positive link between those two diseases, no hold on, they did understand that one, Candida, exacerbated the other, MS, but not necessarily that certain symptoms of Candida could well be a precursor to multiple sclerosis. This is purely my opinion, not based on specific scientific or medical research but something that appears logical to me. There are lots of diseases that initially start as a simple and very basic, very treatable health condition, people aren’t perfectly healthy one day then wake up the next with pneumonia, it starts with what appears to be simple cold like symptoms..

What I’m saying is, again in my opinion, that the base of multiple sclerosis is candida, if you go for screening or a blood test, you would never be told ” if you aren’t careful you might get MS”… why because there aren’t markers that are specifically associated with MS per se. However you might be told you have early stages of Candida and are given guidance and prescription drugs to treat it. Again, my opinion, is that multiple sclerosis starts with candida, I’m not saying if you have one of the very many symptoms of candida that it will become multiple sclerosis but it’s unlikely you’ll get multiple sclerosis unless you already have candida.

Dr Huggins kept his symptoms at bay using supplements, maybe if he’d talked with Ann Boroch about MS and candida he would have healed himself and not just eased the symptoms.

Ann Boroch healed herself by ridding herself of Candida which was exacerbating a so called incurable disease, incurable in the minds of others because healing it was never in their capabilities because they have only been addressing half the problem.

Please don’t be offended by my comments, my posts are almost like I’m talking to myself, these are the words going through my head and I just write them down, as if I’m  journaling.


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