Wrap my head around this…

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Wrap my head around this.

Over the past 14 years I’ve made numerous attempts at healing myself, obviously none have actually worked although one or two have made a massive impact and enabled me to keep trying and have justifiable reason to believe it’s only a matter of time.

The two previous that have done this were XanGo, a nutritional beverage that in all honesty saved my life, I was able to drink this 3 -times a day for ten years but financially became impractical, the second was the Youngevity supplements which I still take. I honestly believe that these two have brought me here to the place I am now which is finally on “The Journey” to the place called Health.

As I’ve said before I started on the ABP… the Ann Boroch Protocol on September 1st  2017 and in the main I am so happy about the changes that are becoming constant, a couple of months ago I’d rave about the improvement I’d had on a particular day, but sadly it would last a day and no more.  Of late, as in the last two weeks or so they seem to have merged together and last significantly longer, so I’m happy, right… not exactly because although the improvements last days not hours they are still broken up by a weakness that is downright frightening so much so that it really confuses me, I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it.

Obviously it’s cold now and in the mornings I’m actually shivering, I could put warmer clothes on and maybe socks as my feet are freezing but I know as I personally get warmer I become ridiculously weak, it’s as if I have 50lb wrist straps and 100lb ankle straps on so I’d rather stay cold than struggle so much.

Deep concentration here.. The ABP is working of that there is no doubt, but something is missing, there’s obviously something else in my case, the only thing I can think that it could possibly be is my Thyroid, I do take Levothyroxin 100 mg daily, I succumbed to my doctors pressure to take it and as I won’t take MS meds this was an acceptable compromise.

So it could well be my Thyroid  as among other things it also controls the body’s ability to regulate the internal temperature, knowing this I’ve decided to find a natural supplement and I’ve ordered the strongest herbal thyroid support which arrives today, so I’ll update you in a few days, fingers crossed.

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