Could be right..

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Could be right.

I think going through the ABP is such an incredible thing, doing this obviously has very many benefits but there is a negative side as that it really highlights the damages that have been done over a lot of years. I’ve said with passion how good I’ve been feeling of late and that’s true, but the damage I mentioned earlier was shown very clearly Wednesday morning. First thing I felt great, so much so that before I’d drunk the normal amount of fluids, I decided to make some breakfast. Big mistake because while standing for several minutes I realised that I was feeling really, really weak, I struggled to stand and getting back to the sofa was really hard, my legs wouldn’t support me and I could barely hold onto the furniture, I was thinking all I’d been doing just wasn’t working. Anyway I made it back unhurt and drank lots of water and within 30 minutes I felt great again, so the momentary worry disappeared, the ABP is working and just emphasized the damage that’s been done and that in order for it to work permanently I have to be diligent and take nothing for granted. Apart from the 30 minute spell if abject fear, and it was  abject fear. apart from that I felt really good. I had the Levothyroxin first thing but I added two herbal supplements, not the new ones as they hadn’t arrived at that time but have done now. I did feel weak at 12.30 but not as weak as previous days, I rested for a few hours then went back to my normal day. The horrible feeling of overheating which has happened so many times, didn’t happen which made me feel very optimistic. This is being written Wednesday evening so tomorrow, Thursday I’ll have a half dose of Levothyroxin and two of the new herbal tabs, I paid a lot of attention to the ingredients and am happy about them. You never know, it could well be that it has been my Thyroid that’s causing the daily reversal, and if so then my progress will be even better, it’s such a good feeling to think I could be right.

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