If the shoe fits…

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|If the shoe fits….,.

Hmmm, where am I going with this… bear with me.

Imagine that your house, as nice as it is, is suffering as all older houses do, the roof leaks and most of the Windows are nigh on impossible to open along with the doors that tend to have lost their rustic charm only to have been replaced with a frustrating never close properly warped look. So you decide that there’s nothing else you can botch and self repair but to bite the bullet and get a builder in. Oh, that’s going to be expensive and awkward, having them disrupting you and your family’s life for however long it takes. So you make some enquiries and get several quotes, the builders all seem to be very similar both in their prices and in the description of work that needs doing, oh crap what are you going to do, you really can’t afford to have the disruption for that length of time and the financial hit will be a blow, so against all advice you call a local guy, some say he’s a cowboy builder that isn’t as well qualified as the others but you’ve been told he’s ok… ish..

Sod it!!! You’ll use him, I mean it might not be brilliant but it’ll just have to do. A year later you’re having second thoughts about your decision, he spent a lot of time on the roof but it still leaks a bit, the doors do close, with a shove and grunt. As far as the Windows are concerned, well, a bit of sanding here and there just hasn’t cut it.

So where am I going with this?

Doing the job half heartedly and taking short cuts just doesn’t work so after all the wasted time, effort and money, the only thing to do now is to get the proper builder in and do it right.

Now relate that to yourself and your illness, you won’t get better, you won’t get healthy if you don’t follow the plan, to the letter, the ABP that works, I don’t mean to be heartless and point fingers but if the shoe fits….

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