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In the main I feel confident in saying that I’m following the ABP as close as I can taking into consideration that there are restrictions on the foods I eat and timing, I live alone and have a carer for an hour each day, primarily to prepare the liquids I need to drink and get my supplements etc. Obviously there are certain meals I’d like to have occasionally but it would require her to devote too much time cooking instead of doing the absolute essentials. That being said I’m quite happy with the current set up, and still get to eat nutritious foods, although it can become a little boring.

On Friday I thought I’d add a little more taste to my breakfast by adding Elmlea a non dairy cream alternative to my Quinoa cereal, sounds a little weird I know but hey… that’s me. So the Quinoa porridge with cream and Stevia was yummy and I thought would become a regular addition to my weekly regimen…….  Dipstick….. a few hours later it was as if all my strength had been sucked out of my body, I was very lucky Claire my carer was still there because without her help I’d would have been in deep doo doo’s…

Anyway in the afternoon I was able to look a bit closer at the Elmlea and its ingredients… bearing in mind that I honestly saw it as a non dairy alternative, I was quite shocked to see it was Buttermilk and had lactose. So there was the reason I struggled big time, so much so that I’m still a little weak now as I’m writing at 10pm Friday.

I honestly believe that following this protocol correctly will produce results that will amaze family, friends and all traditional doctors because it’s complete healing, that’s where I will be in time, that will happen providing I read the freaking labels, “sadly Stefan, that didn’t happen….. Guilty”.

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