Feels so good…

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Feels so good.

We all have situations that make us happy and some that are sad, sometimes just not having pain or seeing family and friends can make our day, I think it’s difficult for those not suffering with multiple sclerosis to truly understand the struggles we go through every minute we are awake. That’s not a complaint or criticism, just a fact, it is what it is and we just get on with trying to make our existence a little more bearable. In my situation I never feel lonely or depressed because I’ve too much to do, I’ve made my life have a very specific goal and that’s to beat this disease, to remove it from my body and I have to say it’s a challenge, everyday it’s like I’ve been given a job to do. “Today Stefan, you have to solve this puzzle, the puzzle you’ve been working on for fourteen years”. I’m sure that this quest for 99.9% of people would be so freaking boring and frustrating, and it is for me to a certain extent, but in my case and I imagine for several others lucky enough to have learnt about Ann Boroch and her success in treating herself, then following a tried and tested set of rules it’s not a problem. Yes of course there are days when it seems futile because of self inflicted variations, but the good thing is that most of the time they can be seen as hiccups not permanent roadblocks. Regardless of what the world of western medicine thinks, regardless of their inability of comprehend the reasons why people with multiple sclerosis actually suffer and why they cannot make any genuine long term improvements, regardless of that, when we follow the plan, it works. It’s been four months, two weeks and one day and I’m 100% certain that I’m going to heal myself and that feels so good.


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