Not a diet per se…

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Not a diet per se.

I wanted to clarify something my lovely sister Suzie said about me a few days ago, I’m very flattered by her comments about me looking really good, almost as if I was the youngest of the seven siblings, when I’m the third oldest, so thanks for saying that. As a 62 yr old I’m very lucky to not have a wrinkly face, a big fat gut and a full head of grey hair, yes there are some, but not lots, I think it’s just good genes, down to my mum.  Suzie talked about my diet, to clarify that, I’m not on a “diet” as in eating to lose weight, I just eat foods that are safe for me, I’m gluten, lactose and sugar intolerant so none of them pass my lips. I don’t smoke or drink alcohol, I think the last glass of wine was about two years ago. Another major influence on my skin are the supplements I take daily because of a health condition. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in February 2004 and since then I’ve always taken natural supplements in my quest to heal myself of what the brainwashed medical profession say is incurable. Doctors in general have literally been brainwashed by the pharmaceutical industry who make billions and billions by selling drugs that do no more that temporarily ease a symptom. Needless to say I’ve never taken any drug or medication.

I just seemed to instinctively know back in 04 at The Rose hospital in Denver, Colorado, that the drugs were not for me and that was 3 years before I learned from The Master, Dr Hal Huggins.

When I look at myself in the mirror as I do every morning, I always think and say to myself that I’m so lucky, that I had the mental strength to refuse the ageing, debilitating and soul destroying drugs that 99.9% of people accept without question.

I will beat this disease, I will be healthy again and have my life back, once again thanks Suzie for the compliment and thank you ever so much to mum and Suzie for believing and helping me, I love you both.

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