Limited choices….

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Limited choices.

Over the past fourteen years I’ve found that my choice of foods has become more and more limited, then on September 1st I started on the Ann Boroch protocol, complying with her recommendations meant that more foods were added to the already long list. Oh bugger I can hear most of you saying, obviously it’s a pain saying no to foods I loved and regularly ate… or is it?

The world of traditional medicine basically suggest two things to people with multiple sclerosis, firstly they tell you that in their “I know best attitude” that the disease you contracted is incurable so stop trying to find alternative solutions because there aren’t any. Secondly they tell you to be a good boy, be compliant and take their drugs.

They use the term “medicine” as if it’s something to actually help….. it’s not medicne, it’s a freaking pharmaceutical drug, an addictive drug that addresses a symptom.

I’ve used this analogy before but it’s one that is a perfect description. You come home and see the kitchen floor is flooded… “Their suggestion is to use blankets to mop up the water… my suggestion is to turn the tap off, pull the plug out of the sink, then mop the water up.

You know how I write… always digressing….so, food choice…

Ok yes my food choices are more limited now but the reality is that I personally chose to not eat certain foods because they are foods that harm me, they are foods that have very little nutrition, nutrients are what my body, everyone’s body needs. So many foods these days have been processed with synthetic additives that fool your brain via your tastebuds into wanting more. There are numerous chemicals such as monosodium glutamate or you might see it listed as MSG that has the “more-ish” influence, you know what that is, you eat 10 Pringles but can’t stop until the whole pack has gone…. ring any bells…

So in reality I do have a limited choice but that’s exactly it… my choice and I feel massively better overall by not eating the synthetic, processed and nutritionally bereft crap generally eaten by others.

By doing it this way I’m doing something the world’s doctors say is impossible… I’m healing myself, I might well have a limited choice of foods but I was given two choices in February 2004…. Their way, traditional doctors was to die or the Ann Boroch way that me and 250 others have made which is to live.

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