Why… because I’m right…

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Why….because I’m right.

I feel obligated to write for my blog, www.Ratherbehealthy.com and for the Facebook group THJ, my feelings of obligation isn’t for the thousands reading my blog or for the Facebook group, no, my obligation is to me… in the main the overriding theme of my posts is positivity, I wear my heart on my sleeve, yes there have been some horrible times such as my fall last month when I stumbled, fell badly and whacked my head against the edge of the coffee table, what could I see?.. stars and blood. And a  few months ago one  that left a permanent 10mm deep impression in the wall, they were both nasty and very painful experiences, but, I made myself get up and carry on. Hey… I’m still here travelling along a very specific path so by writing positively I’m mentally motivating myself.

Maybe I’m different than everyone else, not better, just different.. I know I’m different because I know, absolutely know 100% that not only will I heal but I will also be able to live very comfortably for the next 25 or 30 years, exactly how I’m not sure, well I do know really but this isn’t the time or place to discuss it, I know both will happen because I believe I’m so lucky..if you tell yourself you’re lucky or if you tell yourself you’re unlucky… you’re right!!!! Why will it happen… because I believe I’m right.

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