This relates to me…

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This relates to me…
When looked at from any outside source, a friend, family member or loved one, the overall condition of a person with multiple sclerosis that has made the commitment to follow a protocol that’s definitely not one that the “doctors” recommended then I imagine it’s “same old, same old”. Okay I want to be more specific here and not refer to anyone else, but me, this relates to me, Stefan who’s had MS 15 years, or it will be on Feb 2nd.. As I’ve said before I’m so very lucky because I’ve never taken any of the long term debilitating drugs they push MS patients to take. So my body has only had to deal with the disease not the added effects of drugs that create a seriously weakened immune system, because that’s what happens, the drugs suppress the body’s natural defences to try and fight the invaders so there’s less immediate turmoil happening but the long term results are so much more damaging.
So once again The big picture, but this time not looked at from the outside but from the internal view, my view.
I feel stronger today than before, my ability to stand, my ability to negotiate my way to the bathroom and back has been so much easier today, just little things like pouring water or tea into a glass and mug has been better, I’ve been more stable and most things have been generally easier. The feeling as I’ve flexed the toes on my left foot…. Wow, so nice. So from my point of view I’ve got lots of reasons to be happy and so optimistic, it is hard to start but it definitely gets better, if this is new to you, trust me, the long term improvements are definitely worth all the effort.

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