Not disappointed…

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Not disappointed.

On Tuesday I wrote about how good I felt and the exercises I was able to do, I felt more than a little happy, I was extremely happy, I said I would do the same exercises, just fewer of them because  I knew I’d be weaker the following day. Well I was right, I was definitely a little weaker as my muscles recuperated from the previous days exertion. There definitely was a restriction in the intensity but I still did them even though my body was asking me to not do it, the muscle memory of ten years ago was more dominant and was able to override the more recent memory. A few hours later I was still feeling positive and was able to do other things that needed to be done, a week ago I’d have told myself to wait til Thursday when my sister Suzie or my carer were here.

So all in all I had another really positive day on Wednesday, there’s no doubt in my mind that physically, mentally and emotionally this method is the right way to go, in September last year I had several chats with Janet Orchard about her progress and the potential for mine. No promises were made because at the end of the day, this is only as good as I make it, I made a promise to myself about what I would do and I can tell you I’m not disappointed.

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