My promise…

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My promise.

I honestly believe that there isn’t a person living today that could justifiably doubt the effectiveness of the ABP, she healed herself in four years I think, so there’s no argument of its ability to do the same for anyone willing to make the same commitment.

After reading “Healing multiple sclerosis” and being filled with overwhelming enthusiasm, I made such a commitment, I don’t consider myself better than anyone else but I know I’m different. Three years after my initial diagnosis in 2004 I was working as a director for Dr Hal Huggins in Colorado springs, Colorado.

I studied directly under him so was able to acquire a great deal of knowledge, knowledge not readily available to the everyday person.

I also know I’m a little different because of my desire to do very different things, things most normal people wouldn’t even consider, I’ve done:

840 skydives and am a:

Hang glider.

Scuba diver.

Mountain biker.

Rock climber

Pilot, I actually got my PPL in 43 hours, the national average in the U.S. is 75 hrs.

So as I said I’m not better than anyone else, just different. Where am I going with this? well on day one of starting this protocol I made a promise to myself, I know the protocol is the protocol, the time it takes is undefined. September 1st was day one, the promise to myself is that I will be healed by day 730 which is September 1st 2019, today was day 148 and I’m feeling great.

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