Tug of war….

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Tug of war..

Saturday afternoon was as if I’d been smacked in the face… slap. !!!!! yes this is an almighty challenge and I honestly believe I’m winning the war, but the war like WW2 was comprised of many, many battles… it’s like I win one then another few then completely out of the blue, my opponent wins one. Fortunately his wins appear to be smaller ones and have less of an impression on the big picture. I ate something at lunch that almost immediately had such a negative impact, it was scary but as I’m writing a few hours later, the negative feeling, the dramatic weakness seems to have all but disappeared, so a lesson learned, that particular food has been added to my personal list of no, no’s. I think looking back in the history books, all major wars were comprised of lots of battles that had been won or lost, the war on multiple sclerosis is unique… it’s as dramatic as the world wars to the host of the war zone… me in my case or the many others with MS. Obviously we aren’t fighting each other’s battles, and me winning mine doesn’t specifically help you or vice versa other than the sharing of information.

I get frustrated with myself quite often which has really made me think about what I’m doing, it seems that I’ve been living in the town lots of potential ABP followers are living in and to be honest I’m not frustrated with myself, I’m bloody well annoyed and pissed off (excuse me) because I’ve been living in a place called Denial…

This is very much a tug of war and I know the bow tied to the centre is definitely edging my way, slowly but surely, there’s lots of grunting going on and I know both sides are trying their hardest, or are they? To a certain extent the great days and improvements of late have made me a little complacent, that changes now, my message to multiple sclerosis… “this town ain’t big enough for the both if us, you think you’re beating me, well you ain’t seen nothing yet”.

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