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Down escalator.
I wasn’t sure I firstly wanted to write and secondly to post it, so if you’re seeing this then obviously I did, I’ve said before I wear my heart on my sleeve so others would know what’s happening, good or bad…. I’m writing this a 2.05 am Thursday morning and I’ve just experienced a horrendous 2 hours, because of how great I’ve been feeling especially on Wednesday morning, I was quite shocked, like being on a down escalator but trying desperately to walk up with a 100lb rucksack on my back… Okay I’ll backtrack to Wednesday morning, when Megan my carer came around at 11.30 I told her that I was feeling better than ever, strong, stable physically and mentally. My lunch was a bowl off broccoli and cauliflower with cayenne pepper in a knorr chicken stock cube, it was yummy and so filling. However, minutes, literally minutes after I felt as if all my strength was sucked out of me, getting to the bathroom was a major challenge. Fortunately there was no mishaps, I then asked Megan to get my afternoon supplements and bring them to me once I’d got settled in bed, my thoughts were it would be safer to go rest then at midday rather than wait till she left. I stayed in bed for a few hours and felt good so returned to the living room. She’d made two halves of a pitta bread, gluten free with some fresh sliced beef which I ate at 5.00, then as usual I went back to bed to watch a bit of telly and read. About midnight I settled down to sleep, by the way this is roughly my fourth week of no sleeping pills which I’ve had to take for 25 years. It must have been about half an hour later that the nausea and feelings of needing to get to the bathroom became overwhelming. Trying to sit up was nigh on impossible, if you could have seen me it was laughable but after fifteen minutes I did, I was totally exhausted and my body was drenched in sweat. I couldn’t sit up straight or move my legs even trying to lever them with my arms. I started to wretch and my whole body was convulsing, frightening thinking I was about to have diarrhoea and vomit at the same time, I was so weak and thought I was about to slip off my bed. As I said, the episode lasted about 90 minutes, it’s now 3 am and I feel okay… ish. I think I’ll risk settling down again and hopefully the sweats, weakness and nausea won’t come back.
Thursday morning 8.45 am.
I’m feeling a general weakness but nothing like the frightening spell in the early hours. I did have something similar about 2 years ago but the difference is, and this is so important, I had to stay in bed for 4 days not a matter of hours.

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