Different perspective…

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Different perspective.

Firstly I must say that I respect other people’s opinions and accept you all have the right to have them, secondly, and please don’t be offended, other people’s view or opinion of how and what you think I should do matters diddly squat when it comes to my health and how I’m addressing the problem. Thirdly I have to clarify the first two points, they make no difference to me unless you are making suggestions and offering advice and making these from a place of experience, as in you genuinely understand the thinking of a person with multiple sclerosis and have in-depth knowledge of Ann Boroch and her research. And lastly on this topic, thank you for the positive wishes and consideration of my circumstances, I do appreciate them.

Prior to me getting MS in 2004 my life was very different, I was a very active sportsman, yes most of them being what normal people consider to be adrenaline junky sports, regardless, I loved the physicality of them all. To me there was nothing worse than being a boring couch potato and never having to exert myself physically or mentally, I’ve always loved reading but that tended to be a last thing at night before sleep thing, not a major daily activity.

Life has changed for me as you know, and rather than feeling sorry for myself, there’s no ” oh poor me” feelings, I’ve seen this as a challenge, almost a dare…. “Go on then, I challenge you, I dare you to beat me”…. said by the disease… I don’t back down from a dare and I accept the challenge.


Am I happy about having a so called incurable disease?.. No

Am I happy about being in my flat 24/7… No

Am I okay with it… hmmm…. it is what it is and there is only one person that can change it…. Me.

My situation now in comparison to life pre MS is extremely boring, or it would be if I was still the Stefan of old, now I’m just Stefan that’s old, haha, but I’m also significantly more experienced and knowledgeable and focused, now I have a job to do, one that occupies every minute of everyday, now I have a totally different perspective.

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