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Just had to say something. … I’m referring to Innocent smoothies… healthy.. right!!! The UK Government actually have stated that one of these can be used as one of your 5 a day so they must be healthy, surely if the important knowledgeable people in the government say it’s good then us ordinary people should just accept it as true.

I looked at their website and there’s no doubt the emphasis is on health and nutrition and they go to great lengths promoting the necessity for every person, adults and children to be able to conveniently absorb the nutrients that will improve the quality of life.

However what they don’t emphasize, what the categorically fail to tell you in their written statements is that there’s 30 plus grams of sugar in the supposedly nutritious drink, 30 plus grams, not just a few but 34.3 grams, that’s even more than in a poisonous can of coke. They obviously know the danger and very cleverly hide the specifics, go there yourself and see if this information is readily available, it’s difficult to find but it’s there.

To me this is just an in your face statement that they don’t give a damn about your health, this is simply about getting people to buy their product and make tons of profit, what makes this worse is the way they intentionally mislead the public.

I imagine a large percentage of people can’t be bothered to look and have the attitude that the long term negative effects aren’t important, it’s the taste that matters and the fact they have been conned into thinking it’s healthy.

The advertisers continue to use clever advertising slogans designed to make you focus on misleading words that encourage you to think you’re doing a good thing by buying a healthy drink, but it’s not and 90% of people are simply unaware of the dangers of that white, sweet tasting poison that their drinks are laden with.

Taken from Wikipedia.

Innocent’s products have been promoted as a healthy option. However, a 250 ml bottle of ‘Innocent Smoothie’ contains 171 kilocalories and 34.3 g of sugar. This is nearly 30% more than Coca Cola in terms of sugar content. However, it does not contain any of the artificial ingredients found in soft drinks like Coca Cola and is instead made from natural fruit.

Innocent are 90% owned by Coca Cola.

This sickens me.


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