A glimpse…

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A glimpse.

Of late many of the posts I’ve written have specifically been in connection with the Ann Boroch Protocol, the ABP the protocol she created as a culmination of her research resulting in her no longer having multiple sclerosis. A large percentage of people reading this are not suffering with the disease and would have no realistic idea of what this really is, so for you I’ll explain a little more.

There are thousands, like me whose lives have been severely restricted because a life threatening, incurable disease has taken up residence in the place we call Me… There are several schools of thought as to the specifics of how, not why specifically, resulting in the body no longer able too function correctly and in a lot of cases to require assistance of some sort 24/7 and are wheelchair bound.

Being classed as an Autoimmune disease, is referring to the body harming itself, we aren’t conscious of this obviously but it is happening wether we want it or not. “They” tell you that you’re own self preservation method, you’re immune system has been fooled into thinking there is a foreign invader now infecting the myelin sheath surrounding the delicate nerves in the brain, think of it like insulating tape if you will. So being a supposed bad guy, the immune system is attacking it as it should justifiably do, if, it was right but as I said it’s mistaken, there’s nothing wrong with the myelin sheath, it’s wrongly self harming, hence the term.. Autoimmune. My time with Dr Huggins and his work, disproved the opinion of Western medicine and the doctors.  He was able to keep the majority of his multiple sclerosis symptoms at bay for a 24 hour period and had to constantly back this up with the dentistry initially then supplements. The difference between what he did, “past tense”, and Ann Boroch was she discovered through tireless research a way of making the change a permanent one.

So the ABP was born….. we, me and others, thousands of others are attempting to replicate her work, it’s not easy as you can imagine but it freaking works, the likelihood is that with bumps and setbacks it will take several years, potentially less if done absolutely perfectly. So for a person like me whose been given 5 hopes by conventional doctors.. Bob Hope, Envelope, Antelope, Periscope and No Hope….. following the ABP has mentally changed everything in relation to existing and the genuine possibility of living again, for me following it has given me a glimpse of what’s to come.

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