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One of the many “snippets of information” aside from the abundance of detailed and specialist knowledge absorbed through working closely with Dr Hal Huggins for several years was that all carbohydrates become sugar in the body…. I know this, I don’t just know it, it was engrained into my brain, that being said, why oh why have I been eating gluten free breads… because I’m a numbhead, I wanted to write something much more descriptive but I stopped myself. Admittedly all humans need natural sugars to function correctly but obviously me and others that are in my condition should stay away from all the refined, processed and natural substances that end in “ose”.

Now I’m sure most of us, that’s MS sufferers, have up’s and downs, these are just part of the journey we’re on, but exacerbating the problems, especially when it’s done through one’s own naivety is bloody stupid. That was me today, my bad, and even worse as I did it Saturday as well, stupid, stupid, stupid…Gluten free crumpets are great for those with just a gluten intolerance but when it comes to an MS sufferer doing the ABP who should know better then words fail me, or at least words I can write here.

My new Sainsbury delivery arrives Tuesday when my weekly diet changes for the better, I think between now (Sunday evening) and then its veggies and Quinoa.

Note: you may have noticed in my many posts I refer to myself as an MS sufferer, not patient, this is because I’m not and never have been or will be a patient of the “know nothing about Ann Boroch” doctor. I’m healing myself with a little guidance and encouragement from Janet who I’m sure I frustrate no end, sorry Janet.

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