Game changer….

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Game changer..

I know this isn’t a game, it’s a life changing puzzle that must be understood,…. get that….understood not just read,  it’s not just a set of guidelines that are written and then encouraged to follow, it’s an account of what happened to another human being, the difference between her and the rest of us is simple, we are just regular people whereas she was freaking amazing. We all know what it’s like to be told we have multiple sclerosis, obviously I’m referring to a special group now, but to be told that when you’re only 24 must have been devastating.  Unlike the rest of us, she set out on a quest to find the answer to a question the world of medicine categorically stated that there was no solution. The quest was filled with highs and lows and the world at that time was very different technologically, no Google in fact the internet was still a decade away so her research options were severely limited in comparison to today.

Anyway, I called this post Game Changer… today my brand new, just released revised copy of The Candida Cure was automatically delivered to my Kindle and as you can imagine that’s been my main activity today, I’m writing this Tuesday evening. I think when I read Healing Multiple sclerosis back in August last year, I was a little overwhelmed I think, to go from desperately wanting to be healed but not knowing how, to reading an account of how it genuinely happened just sort of sent my brain into a spin. Obviously I’ve not finished the Candida Cure yet but so far it’s really reaffirming that this will happen and taste buds, desires, wants and misguided needs are being pushed aside as its now “no excuses” and do it right this time. I strongly recommend reading and/or re-reading it to put yourself firmly back on track because trust me, this really is a game changer.

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