No brainer…

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No brainer.

Imagine being told you have a disease that apparently the best medical minds in the world have not been able to cure, with the millions, no… billions supposedly set aside for research by the health organisations and research facilities around the world. The symptoms of this disease slowly but surely take away one’s ability to function alone. Walking becomes a memory, coordinated fine motor skills become non existent as do basic requirements of your daily life, hmmm bit of a bummer. The options according to doctors and nurses etc is to take pharmaceutical drugs that may or may not help on a temporary basis and unless you personally do some research you’ll have no understanding of the long lasting damage the drugs will have on your seriously weakened body.

However…. asking questions and doing in depth research shows that there is actually an alternative to the slow painful death predicted by the brainwashed medical professionals.

Downside..oh yes there is one, although not a particularly difficult thing to deal with is that several foods you’d previously enjoyed have to be removed permanently from your daily diet. Other foods, not  ones you have to be eaten before, although they aren’t necessarily hard to eat, just different. Oh yes there’s also supplements that might initially seem to be only for other people, y’know the health conscious and sporty types have to be taken… daily and even multiple times daily.

The upside is … There’s an extremely positive chance that you’ll be able to live again and not just exist with nothing to look forward to.

Hmmmm let me think about this for a nanosecond… eh !!!! yes!!! I’ll do it because ….

  1. A) I want to live and
  2. B) because being sick, in pain, dependent and a burden to others is horrible…

Following the ABP is a no brainer..

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