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Five months, one week two days…. a long time if you count the minutes, which is 223,876 give or take a few hundred, that’s the number of minutes since I started the ABP, the protocol that’s changing my life. During that time there have been some quite frankly terrifying moments, I have to point out that it was moments, not minutes or hours, just seconds that I thought “what the hell am I doing”. Those moments, sat naked on the floor where I’d fallen, or on the edge of my bed in the dark, freezing but covered I sweat, that does happen, I honestly did doubt my sanity. Looking back, and I’ll state quite clearly, I’ve a long way still to go, but looking back I have to say it’s hard and quite honestly you have to be quite a special person to stick to it. I know there have been the occasional doubts,  especially during the first month but they are long gone. As I’ve said it takes character, determination and an unshakable belief, I’ve learned so much about myself, I’m so proud of what I’ve done, what I’m doing…. I’m not unique, there are others that have experienced a lot worse and have been doing this for years longer than I have, and knowing that inspires and motivates me. During the first days the subtle, minor improvements seemed massive to me at the time, in comparison to the improvements I’m noticing now they were tiny. What was, is only a small part of what is… just a few degrees on the 360 degree circle of my total healing to come.

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