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I’ve written many times of the progress I’m making, admittedly the improvements wouldn’t necessarily be that obvious to anyone not living in my skin, I can’t say living in my shoes because I don’t wear them, in fact I don’t wear anything on my feet, no socks, slippers or shoes, that in itself is good in my opinion. Grounding or Earthing as it’s sometimes known, again in my opinion is good and psychologically it makes a difference to me. As the weather gets better, not hot but just not freezing, I will sit outside with my bare feet on the step or on the grass for thirty minutes on the days it’s bearable, I say that because it’s the heat, not that we have extremes that affect me the most.

It’s probably been a month now that the improvements have slowly been combining so that feeling good is becoming “the norm” for me, I’m not internally stressing about little things that require physical action, so all in all I’m feeling great about myself.

As an aside note I had a lovely compliment on Monday, an unintentional one but a compliment all the same, I had a new carer who after her hour mentioned that I was young to have this disease, I sort of giggled and asked how old she thought I was, now her response hasn’t given me any delusions of grandeur when she said I was probably in my late 40’s….okay I did feel good even if she was only 26 and not a medical professional, I told her we had the same numbers for our age accept my two are hers in reverse.

Anyway back to my point, lots of people that I know have had CCSVI, myself included and some others more than once, I have the greatest respect for Paolo Zamboni the creator but the number of long term successes are small in comparison to the massive number of successes of those following the Ann Boroch Protocol.. ABP.. if you are intrigued, interested and would like to know more then please contact Janet Orchard or me and we can point you in the right direction.

In August 2017 I read Healing Multiple Sclerosis and felt tentatively good about the possibilities, nearly 6 months later I can’t adequately express my gratitude and confidence.

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