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My book “Dentistry and how it’s damaging your health” is now available as an e-book for only $2.99,I am very proud and honored to say that two extremely well qualified dentists, doctors of integrative medicine have written the forwards in the book.

Dr Blanche Grube and Dr John Rothchild have this to say:


According to a recent survey by the American Dental Association,
52% of dentists in America are no longer placing mercury amalgam fillings in
previously decayed teeth. The United
Nations is now preparing a worldwide treaty to ban the use of mercury in all
industrial, medical and dental manufactures.
That’s all good news but there are still thousands of mercury amalgam
fillings being placed everyday and millions of fillings still in the mouths of
people. If your mouth is one of the ones that still has black amalgam fillings
and you’re looking for the safest way to remove them, then this book is for

Stefan Cairns gleaned the absolutely essential teachings
of Dr. Hal Huggins and placed them in the hands of the everyday person. I say everyday person because most doctors
and scientists now know that mercury is incredibly toxic. In fact, Dentists are taught that it is to be
treated as a poison prior to
placing it into the mouth and treated as hazardous waste after placing it in the mouth. It never occurred to most dentists, me
included, that it would escape the “solid” filling and be doing harm to the
patient while in their mouths.

It wasn’t until Dr. Hal Huggins wrote his now famous book
“It’s All in Your Head” and the dental world was shaken that informed dentists
would seriously reconsider the use of amalgam.
If for some reason, you are not able to “sit at the masters’ feet” and
learn directly from Dr. Hal Huggins, then reading Stefan Cairns book is your
best choice.

Blanche D. Grube, DMD, IMD


I met Stefan about three and a half years ago at his very
first Alliance Meeting of Huggins trained dentists. He was a newbie. I had just given a presentation to the group
on Oxygen/Ozone therapy. He was full of
questions and enthusiasm. We sat
together at dinner that night. He asked
so many questions that evening about dentistry.
This guy, I thought, really wants to know this information about the
science of mercury fillings, root canals, infections and the immune system of
the human body. As a Huggins trained dentist and practicing now
for over 31 years, I have had many conversations with Stefan and witnessed the logarithmic learning he has
achieved. Stefan learned from 17,000
patients, their problems, their symptoms, their failures, and their

Stefan quickly became an leader and advisor in the Huggins
organization. Now, I may not agree with
Dr. Huggins’ method 100%, I feel that his protocols are some of the best in the
dental field for dental revisions and building up the immune system to achieve
a healthy body and mind. He has been
revered by many patients and dentists throughout the world. Stefan has followed Dr. Huggins obsessively
for those years, not only through shadowing him but also “walking the
talk”. He has gone through an extensive
dental revision and detox and has gained health and wellness, and experience
through it. God only knows what kind of
mess Stefan would be in physically and mentally if the forces had not brought
him to the Huggins Center.

Stefan is knowledgeable and experienced. You don’t work with that many people 24/7 and
not gain the ability to counsel patients affectively. This guy knows a lot! Trust him (as I do) with his knowledge and
let him lead you on a path of wellness!

It is an honor to write this forward for Stefan Cairns.

John A. Rothchild, DDS, FAGD, MAGD, DAAPM, NMD,

Doctor of Integrative Medicine, Dentistry and Naturopathy

Assistant Professor Emeritus, Capital University School of
Integrative Medicine

Former Dean, School of Integrative Biological Dental

For two people with over sixty years of experience to have spoken so highly of me and the book, speaks volumes to the

quality of the content, this will be money well spent.

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