Yeast or fungal toxins…

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All or most autoimmune diseases are caused by yeast/ fungal toxins. One difference between the illnesses has to do with whether the fungal toxins are the primary or secondary cause. For people with MS, they are the primary attacking agent. The similarities between candidiasis and MS are these: MS affects more women than men; so does candidiasis. MS symptoms are due to the impairment of the nervous system (causing numbness, tingling, fatigue, poor coordination, urinary frequency, depression, and erratic vision). These are also the symptoms of chronic candidiasis. The most common symptom in both conditions is fatigue. Intestinal dysbiosis (an imbalance between the good and bad bacteria in the gut) and leaky gut are common to both.

Both conditions suppress the immune system and cause the body to be in an inflammatory state. Candidiasis patients have vitamin and mineral deficiencies, as do people with MS. Food allergies and gluten intolerance are common in both conditions. Both conditions have been linked with the Epstein-Barr virus. Finally, both conditions will respond positively to dietary changes and an antifungal regime. You can eliminate MS by changing your lifestyle and diet, eliminating heavy metals from the body, reducing stress, and changing geographical location if necessary. Addressing these factors has been shown to account for periods of lapses and remission of symptoms . No matter what your stage of MS, treatment of candidiasis is essential to turning your condition around.

Poor diet..

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The following paragraph has been taken directly from the book written by Dr. Ann Boroch and in my humble opinion is one of the most logical and detailed explanations of disease and the human body. I will post more tomorrow.


Poor Diet and Food Allergies Diet alters your body chemistry either positively or negatively. A poor diet of refined sugars, gluten, alcohol, dairy, trans fats, and processed foods destroys cellular function and disrupts the ecology of your digestive system. Poor digestion results from eating denatured foods and leads to proteins not being broken down properly. Undigested proteins putrefy in your gut and enter your bloodstream. Once these proteins leave the gut, they alert the immune system that antigens have entered your body. The immune system then begins producing protein antibodies to fight the invaders. Also in response, your body releases histamine. Your adrenal glands, which supply a natural antihistamine, weaken over time when this process is ongoing, as does your immune system function, and you become allergic not only to food, but also to environmental toxins. Environmental Toxicity Our polluted environment is another factor responsible for the body’s tissues becoming saturated with toxicity. Heavy metals (aluminium, cadmium, lead, and mercury), pesticides, fungicides, GMOs, molds, and synthetic chemicals surround us. Our bodies absorb these toxins and cannot excrete them as fast as they enter. These toxins add to the burden of our immune system, which may already be under attack by digestive and microbial toxins. Genetics Your inherited genes may determine your strengths and weaknesses. However, it is my observation that one’s phenotype (the observable physical or biochemical characteristics of an organism as determined by both genetic makeup and environmental/ lifestyle influences) plays a more important role than genetics alone in determining which imbalances will surface. For example, a family history of MS would not necessarily lead to someone developing MS if he or she has a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Famous holistic doctor….

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Since my time with Dr Huggins in Colorado I’ve totally changed my way of thinking, I’ve always believed in good nutrition and necessary supplementation simply because of the lack of them in the 21st century foods and the predominance of synthetic additives. I became more aware of the methods used by food companies to sell more of the nutritionally bereft and health damaging additives pioneered by companies like Monsanto and Cargill who spend billions, yes billions on creating genetically modified seed and pesticides and herbicides. Over the last decade or so there have been genuine believers in the beauty and beneficial effects of natural health as opposed to filling your body with harmful drugs. Obviously these wonderful people have slowly but surely made a dent in their influence and affected the disgusting profits reaped by these pariahs. Now associate it or not but at least 50 of these natural doctors have mysteriously died, often young ish and in good health……For instance:

Famous holistic author, naturopath and researcher Ann Boroch was found dead in Los Angeles on Thursday, as the community of physicians seeking to operate outside the confines of Big Pharma continues to be decimated. She was 51.

Ann Boroch, the author of Healing Multiple Sclerosis and The Candida Cure, was famous for curing herself of multiple sclerosis at the age of 24, and remaining symptom free for over two decades.

Boroch was also outspoken on many issues including the dangers of vaccination, and she was actively campaigning for people to take control of their lives and reject Big Pharma’s crippling products in favor of natural healing.

Now every one of the deaths is important but Ann Boroch is extremely relevant to me as an ms sufferer of nearly two decades, her book on how she cured herself is proving to be extremely interesting and has given me even more inspiration.


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Unlucky or….

So looking at the conundrum that is my life, I’m alive and will be 62 next month, I’ve been to 23 countries, I’ve lived in the beautiful state of Colorado for eleven years and Florida for two years. I’ve been to 23 of the 50 states including Hawaii. I’ve been to Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, India, Hong Kong, Australia. I’ve done nearly a thousand skydives, I was a Hang glider, mountain biker, scuba diver, rock climber and I can fly a plane. I’ve had great jobs in I.T. sales and had a great salary, I was the client service director for the then world leading authority in biological dentistry, I personally helped many thousands of people which I have to say was more rewarding than anything I’ve done or places I’ve been.

But  13 years ago I was diagnosed with a rather hideous disease, multiple sclerosis is considered to be an incurable disease. It’s made my life miserable, I’m in pain 24/7, I cannot walk unaided, my strength which I used to be very proud of is now pathetic, I could be beaten in an arm wrestle by a 10 year old girl. The fall I had Monday evening was a doozy, I’m amazed I didn’t do some serious damage to my head, on saying that, the wall has a big dent in it and the radiator in the hall is hanging off.

So going from a successful career, a very physical and well travelled life to a ridiculously weak disabled ghost of who I was, am I unlucky…. no I consider myself to be extremely lucky to have done what I have, if my life as I knew it was over and now just a memory, I’d have no real regrets, I’ve been there, done that and have the T shirt and video,

Unlucky… not at all, but lucky… absolutely yes.


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I honestly believe that there is more than just here and now, as I was saying in my previous post, 99% of people simply believe what they can see and touch or it cannot possibly be real, can it?

Well it’s just taken for granted that the air we breathe is just air, it just is!!! air isn’t just air, it’s a combination of nitrogen at 79% and oxygen at 21%, it can’t be seen in its natural unadulterated form, we, as in all human, animal and insect life need it to live.

Electricity in one form or another is created by all three previously mentioned, but what actually is it, it’s a form of energy as are we all, everything is energy vibrating at different levels and as far as I’m aware it’s not visible in its purest form.

Then we come to dimensions, at this time in man’s existence it’s limited to what we can see now as in 3 dimensional, thats on three different planes, left to right, up and down, forward and backward, but I’m one of those people that believe in the fourth dimension.

The fourth dimension is an infinite number of 3-dimensional worlds stacked together.

It makes sense when you realize that, at each moment, a completely different world exists. We are simply moving along the fourth dimension.

It has to be, it’s just not proven yet, it’s only theory but I’m sure millions of people experience it but can’t really comprehend exactly what they’ve seen so just dismiss it.

So much of life today is unexplainable, ghosts, dreams, disease and spontaneous recovery and millions of other things that in my head are part of the fourth dimension.


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The way we look at things can make what we’re looking at completely different, if for instance you are looking at a bare electrical cable with 240 volts running through it, it looks and is very dangerous. If however the cable was attached to your fridge it would be good, it’s keeping your foods chilled. If it was attached to a 3 bar electric fire it would also be good, keeping you warm and toasty on a cold day. So the electric cable isn’t necessarily good or bad, it’s just doing what it was meant to do and that’s provide electrical power. By the way, what is electricity, can you see it….. no, can you touch or actually feel it, no not without hurting yourself. Do you genuinely understand what it is, probably not, but it exists regardless of if you know specifically what it is. My point is just because you don’t truly know what it is or understand how it does what it’s supposed to do doesn’t mean it’s not real. Can you see the air you breathe, no, but without the thing you can’t see, you can only live for three or possibly four minutes.

A car can travel along a road carrying a person or people, so a car is great, right, what if a car hit a person on the road, the car is now not good, it’s bad isn’t it.

If whatever is doing it’s job and it’s doing it efficiently and effectively it’s got to be good, but from whos perspective?.

There is something that mankind has called multiple sclerosis, and mankind has called it a disease, an incurable disease. What is it? is it a transparent globular thing that’s wrapped itself around me… it’s not. Has it been seen or specifically identified, no.. so what is it, is it a thing, can it be taken away or scraped off? again no. A doctor can’t look at me or in me and remove what they’ve called multiple sclerosis, there’s not a specific cell or microbe or molecule that can be named multiple sclerosis.

Going back to the electrical cable or the car or a scalpel or whatever, it depends on your perspective, if you are on the wrong end or the bad side then those things are bad, but from their perspective they are good, they are doing what they were designed to do. Multiple sclerosis is designed to make a human’s life miserable so in my case it’s doing a great job, yay, ms, you’ve been doing your job, what you were designed to do really well. But I’m asking you very politely to go away, leave my body, you’ve done a great job from your perspective for a very long time, be satisfied, now please, please go away.


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Ok let’s be serious and honest with myself, I was diagnosed with this hideous disease in February of 2004, the neurologist, a very straight talking, shoot from the hip New Yorker basically told me that there was nothing I could do in the way of preventing the disease from progressing. But me being the stubborn I’ll do it my way sort of person, I categorically refused to take the prescribed medication which in my view is nothing more than a masking drug. Most drugs are specifically designed to relieve a symptom fooling the brain into thinking it’s making you better and curing the problem, which it’s not. Anyway I digress, back to my situation, since 2004 after the initial diagnosis I have probably tried fifty or more different methods that I thought might help. Some have done nothing other than relieve me of money, and obviously when that’s happened it was not only frustrating but quite demoralising as well. I’m sure you can imagine that it would be  ridiculous, almost delusional to think that anything could possibly stop what the doctors perceive to be incurable. But guess what, I persevere, I keep trying and looking for a solution that I truly believe is there, why, knowing it’s painful, it’s demoralising…. why….. because I can.


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What is the truth when it comes to health, sadly in the world of disgusting profitability, or healthcare there is no such thing as truth. Sorry, is he alive or is he dead, then yes there is truth in that possibility, there’s no argument there, someone is alive or dead… fact. But when it comes to cures I believe that 99% of ordinary people believe that it is possible to naturally cure someone suffering from a disease or illness. In an internal memo issued by big Pharma in 2010 they stated categorically that healing or curing someone without using pharmaceutical drugs was an impossibility, they also went on to say that by 2020 the wanted every American, all 350 million of them to be taking at least one pharmaceutical drug. So truth…. in the world of allopathic medicine is that humans cannot be healed, truth to natural healers is that humans can be healed. So truth really depends on who you’re talking to, in other words what you and I perceive as truth is really just an opinion when it comes to profits. There have been and still are totally natural therapies created by doctors, scientists and even laymen that have and still do heal so called incurable diseases, but it’s not disgustingly profitable so the pharmaceutical companies aren’t interested. I’ve said this a hundred times before, big Pharma doesn’t make cures, they make customers.

What do you do..

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Imagine waking up one morning in a cold dark cave, you’re confused obviously so you wipe the sleep from your eyes and are pleased initially to realise that 30 ft from of you is a narrow opening leading out into the fresh air, seems great until you see that in front of the opening is a sleeping grizzly bear. Your immediate thoughts are that you are absolutely terrified but if you are really quiet you might be able to sneak past him and get out to freedom. You start to get up as quietly as possible but as you move just the tiniest bit there’s a loud cracking sound that disturbs the Grizzly so you freeze to avoid making anymore noise and waking him. As the light gradually seeps into the cave you can see that the floor is covered with peanuts, oh crap that was where the noise came from, now what are you going to do. Your friend appears at the entrance and is making gestures for you to stay where you are and don’t make a fuss or you’ll wake the bear. As your eyes become accustomed to the dark you can see that there’s a big stick just behind you, you lean back to grab the big stick but as you do lots of the peanut shells crack, your friend is waving frantically for you to stop.

Options…. One is to sit still and  not make any noise, you’ll probably last for a month but with no food, water or movement that would be horrible, it would be a terrible way to die. Option 2 is to grab the stick, make a rush for the opening and whack the bear. Option 3 is to see if you can prod him and try to encourage him to leave the cave. Well options one and two are no, no’s for me so I guess my only option is to poke the bear..


The difference…

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The difference.

I write most days, almost as if in defiance, strange…. yes,

I know that this thing in my body is like an army of bad guys that have sneaked into my special place, my body obviously which is unique to me, it’s mine and no one else’s but these shitbag’s have decided to come in, uninvited and take over. What was a solitary invader, silently slipped in behind enemy lines and slowly multiplied by adding more and more of his relatives until they’d become the majority and have a vote in what happens in what should be an alien community to them. Now my home where I grew up, where I should have authority has changed, now it’s me that’s the foreigner and have had most of my say in what happens taken away. Now I can shout at the governing authorities all I want, I can tell them how unfair it is,  that this is mine, they aren’t welcome and should do the right thing and leave but these invaders just laugh at me, shake their heads and say…. “tough. It’s ours now”.

I could just keep quiet and be subservient but that’s not going to happen contrary to what they want, even though the authorities that were once on my side have changed their allegiance, I’m referring to my immune system now, even though they have been persuaded to treat the foreign invaders as friendly, I will make a noise, I’ll protest and keep fighting. They might have taken over, they might have dominance but they haven’t won just yet. They won’t win because there’s a spark deep down inside me and no matter how powerful they become, no matter how dominant they are, there’s always going to be me standing proud, they can hurt me, batter me, frustrate me and no  matter how many times they knock me down I will ways get up again and that is the difference.