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Five months, one week two days…. a long time if you count the minutes, which is 223,876 give or take a few hundred, that’s the number of minutes since I started the ABP, the protocol that’s changing my life. During that time there have been some quite frankly terrifying moments, I have to point out that it was moments, not minutes or hours, just seconds that I thought “what the hell am I doing”. Those moments, sat naked on the floor where I’d fallen, or on the edge of my bed in the dark, freezing but covered I sweat, that does happen, I honestly did doubt my sanity. Looking back, and I’ll state quite clearly, I’ve a long way still to go, but looking back I have to say it’s hard and quite honestly you have to be quite a special person to stick to it. I know there have been the occasional doubts,  especially during the first month but they are long gone. As I’ve said it takes character, determination and an unshakable belief, I’ve learned so much about myself, I’m so proud of what I’ve done, what I’m doing…. I’m not unique, there are others that have experienced a lot worse and have been doing this for years longer than I have, and knowing that inspires and motivates me. During the first days the subtle, minor improvements seemed massive to me at the time, in comparison to the improvements I’m noticing now they were tiny. What was, is only a small part of what is… just a few degrees on the 360 degree circle of my total healing to come.

No brainer…

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No brainer.

Imagine being told you have a disease that apparently the best medical minds in the world have not been able to cure, with the millions, no… billions supposedly set aside for research by the health organisations and research facilities around the world. The symptoms of this disease slowly but surely take away one’s ability to function alone. Walking becomes a memory, coordinated fine motor skills become non existent as do basic requirements of your daily life, hmmm bit of a bummer. The options according to doctors and nurses etc is to take pharmaceutical drugs that may or may not help on a temporary basis and unless you personally do some research you’ll have no understanding of the long lasting damage the drugs will have on your seriously weakened body.

However…. asking questions and doing in depth research shows that there is actually an alternative to the slow painful death predicted by the brainwashed medical professionals.

Downside..oh yes there is one, although not a particularly difficult thing to deal with is that several foods you’d previously enjoyed have to be removed permanently from your daily diet. Other foods, not  ones you have to be eaten before, although they aren’t necessarily hard to eat, just different. Oh yes there’s also supplements that might initially seem to be only for other people, y’know the health conscious and sporty types have to be taken… daily and even multiple times daily.

The upside is … There’s an extremely positive chance that you’ll be able to live again and not just exist with nothing to look forward to.

Hmmmm let me think about this for a nanosecond… eh !!!! yes!!! I’ll do it because ….

  1. A) I want to live and
  2. B) because being sick, in pain, dependent and a burden to others is horrible…

Following the ABP is a no brainer..

Game changer….

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Game changer..

I know this isn’t a game, it’s a life changing puzzle that must be understood,…. get that….understood not just read,  it’s not just a set of guidelines that are written and then encouraged to follow, it’s an account of what happened to another human being, the difference between her and the rest of us is simple, we are just regular people whereas she was freaking amazing. We all know what it’s like to be told we have multiple sclerosis, obviously I’m referring to a special group now, but to be told that when you’re only 24 must have been devastating.  Unlike the rest of us, she set out on a quest to find the answer to a question the world of medicine categorically stated that there was no solution. The quest was filled with highs and lows and the world at that time was very different technologically, no Google in fact the internet was still a decade away so her research options were severely limited in comparison to today.

Anyway, I called this post Game Changer… today my brand new, just released revised copy of The Candida Cure was automatically delivered to my Kindle and as you can imagine that’s been my main activity today, I’m writing this Tuesday evening. I think when I read Healing Multiple sclerosis back in August last year, I was a little overwhelmed I think, to go from desperately wanting to be healed but not knowing how, to reading an account of how it genuinely happened just sort of sent my brain into a spin. Obviously I’ve not finished the Candida Cure yet but so far it’s really reaffirming that this will happen and taste buds, desires, wants and misguided needs are being pushed aside as its now “no excuses” and do it right this time. I strongly recommend reading and/or re-reading it to put yourself firmly back on track because trust me, this really is a game changer.


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One of the many “snippets of information” aside from the abundance of detailed and specialist knowledge absorbed through working closely with Dr Hal Huggins for several years was that all carbohydrates become sugar in the body…. I know this, I don’t just know it, it was engrained into my brain, that being said, why oh why have I been eating gluten free breads… because I’m a numbhead, I wanted to write something much more descriptive but I stopped myself. Admittedly all humans need natural sugars to function correctly but obviously me and others that are in my condition should stay away from all the refined, processed and natural substances that end in “ose”.

Now I’m sure most of us, that’s MS sufferers, have up’s and downs, these are just part of the journey we’re on, but exacerbating the problems, especially when it’s done through one’s own naivety is bloody stupid. That was me today, my bad, and even worse as I did it Saturday as well, stupid, stupid, stupid…Gluten free crumpets are great for those with just a gluten intolerance but when it comes to an MS sufferer doing the ABP who should know better then words fail me, or at least words I can write here.

My new Sainsbury delivery arrives Tuesday when my weekly diet changes for the better, I think between now (Sunday evening) and then its veggies and Quinoa.

Note: you may have noticed in my many posts I refer to myself as an MS sufferer, not patient, this is because I’m not and never have been or will be a patient of the “know nothing about Ann Boroch” doctor. I’m healing myself with a little guidance and encouragement from Janet who I’m sure I frustrate no end, sorry Janet.

A glimpse…

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A glimpse.

Of late many of the posts I’ve written have specifically been in connection with the Ann Boroch Protocol, the ABP the protocol she created as a culmination of her research resulting in her no longer having multiple sclerosis. A large percentage of people reading this are not suffering with the disease and would have no realistic idea of what this really is, so for you I’ll explain a little more.

There are thousands, like me whose lives have been severely restricted because a life threatening, incurable disease has taken up residence in the place we call Me… There are several schools of thought as to the specifics of how, not why specifically, resulting in the body no longer able too function correctly and in a lot of cases to require assistance of some sort 24/7 and are wheelchair bound.

Being classed as an Autoimmune disease, is referring to the body harming itself, we aren’t conscious of this obviously but it is happening wether we want it or not. “They” tell you that you’re own self preservation method, you’re immune system has been fooled into thinking there is a foreign invader now infecting the myelin sheath surrounding the delicate nerves in the brain, think of it like insulating tape if you will. So being a supposed bad guy, the immune system is attacking it as it should justifiably do, if, it was right but as I said it’s mistaken, there’s nothing wrong with the myelin sheath, it’s wrongly self harming, hence the term.. Autoimmune. My time with Dr Huggins and his work, disproved the opinion of Western medicine and the doctors.  He was able to keep the majority of his multiple sclerosis symptoms at bay for a 24 hour period and had to constantly back this up with the dentistry initially then supplements. The difference between what he did, “past tense”, and Ann Boroch was she discovered through tireless research a way of making the change a permanent one.

So the ABP was born….. we, me and others, thousands of others are attempting to replicate her work, it’s not easy as you can imagine but it freaking works, the likelihood is that with bumps and setbacks it will take several years, potentially less if done absolutely perfectly. So for a person like me whose been given 5 hopes by conventional doctors.. Bob Hope, Envelope, Antelope, Periscope and No Hope….. following the ABP has mentally changed everything in relation to existing and the genuine possibility of living again, for me following it has given me a glimpse of what’s to come.

Just had to say…

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Just had to say something. … I’m referring to Innocent smoothies… healthy.. right!!! The UK Government actually have stated that one of these can be used as one of your 5 a day so they must be healthy, surely if the important knowledgeable people in the government say it’s good then us ordinary people should just accept it as true.

I looked at their website and there’s no doubt the emphasis is on health and nutrition and they go to great lengths promoting the necessity for every person, adults and children to be able to conveniently absorb the nutrients that will improve the quality of life.

However what they don’t emphasize, what the categorically fail to tell you in their written statements is that there’s 30 plus grams of sugar in the supposedly nutritious drink, 30 plus grams, not just a few but 34.3 grams, that’s even more than in a poisonous can of coke. They obviously know the danger and very cleverly hide the specifics, go there yourself and see if this information is readily available, it’s difficult to find but it’s there.

To me this is just an in your face statement that they don’t give a damn about your health, this is simply about getting people to buy their product and make tons of profit, what makes this worse is the way they intentionally mislead the public.

I imagine a large percentage of people can’t be bothered to look and have the attitude that the long term negative effects aren’t important, it’s the taste that matters and the fact they have been conned into thinking it’s healthy.

The advertisers continue to use clever advertising slogans designed to make you focus on misleading words that encourage you to think you’re doing a good thing by buying a healthy drink, but it’s not and 90% of people are simply unaware of the dangers of that white, sweet tasting poison that their drinks are laden with.

Taken from Wikipedia.

Innocent’s products have been promoted as a healthy option. However, a 250 ml bottle of ‘Innocent Smoothie’ contains 171 kilocalories and 34.3 g of sugar. This is nearly 30% more than Coca Cola in terms of sugar content. However, it does not contain any of the artificial ingredients found in soft drinks like Coca Cola and is instead made from natural fruit.

Innocent are 90% owned by Coca Cola.

This sickens me.


Different perspective…

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Different perspective.

Firstly I must say that I respect other people’s opinions and accept you all have the right to have them, secondly, and please don’t be offended, other people’s view or opinion of how and what you think I should do matters diddly squat when it comes to my health and how I’m addressing the problem. Thirdly I have to clarify the first two points, they make no difference to me unless you are making suggestions and offering advice and making these from a place of experience, as in you genuinely understand the thinking of a person with multiple sclerosis and have in-depth knowledge of Ann Boroch and her research. And lastly on this topic, thank you for the positive wishes and consideration of my circumstances, I do appreciate them.

Prior to me getting MS in 2004 my life was very different, I was a very active sportsman, yes most of them being what normal people consider to be adrenaline junky sports, regardless, I loved the physicality of them all. To me there was nothing worse than being a boring couch potato and never having to exert myself physically or mentally, I’ve always loved reading but that tended to be a last thing at night before sleep thing, not a major daily activity.

Life has changed for me as you know, and rather than feeling sorry for myself, there’s no ” oh poor me” feelings, I’ve seen this as a challenge, almost a dare…. “Go on then, I challenge you, I dare you to beat me”…. said by the disease… I don’t back down from a dare and I accept the challenge.


Am I happy about having a so called incurable disease?.. No

Am I happy about being in my flat 24/7… No

Am I okay with it… hmmm…. it is what it is and there is only one person that can change it…. Me.

My situation now in comparison to life pre MS is extremely boring, or it would be if I was still the Stefan of old, now I’m just Stefan that’s old, haha, but I’m also significantly more experienced and knowledgeable and focused, now I have a job to do, one that occupies every minute of everyday, now I have a totally different perspective.

Do anything…

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Do anything ….

I think getting multiple sclerosis is a terrible thing at any time of life,, in my case I was 48 and had been lucky enough to have done so many things, not just the exciting speed related things but the travel as well had been amazing. I worked it out the other day that I’ve been to 23 countries around the world, some only fleeting trips but others like the USA where I’ve lived, worked and had been to 22 of the 50 states, so I consider myself very lucky really. If I’d got MS at 30 yrs old then a lot of my adventures would never have happened.

Because of my inquisitive mind and the years working for Dr Huggins in Colorado I’ve developed a very strong interest in health, obviously very much linked to my own problem, multiple sclerosis and now I’m following the protocol developed by Ann Boroch to rid the body of this disease.

There are very detailed guidelines regarding foods that should and shouldn’t be eaten as well as the natural supplements that aid the various organs compensate and adjust to the changes that have to happen in order for this to be successful.

However something the guidelines can’t account for is the fact that everyone is different, our age, now and when we contracted the disease will mean a variance in the ability of the organs to function correctly. Gender, lifestyle, location, support system and thousands of other variables. A 50,000 piece jigsaw puzzle combined with a Rubix cube are child’s play in comparison,  the fact that it can feel as if I’m trying to solve a never ending puzzle thar when a wrong move is made it isn’t just a frustrating try again problem, it’s a really painful debilitating experience that can easily push me off the path. I’m referring to the horrendous experience in the early hours of Thursday morning. At the time, as weak and motionless as a newborn babe, sitting there freezing cold but covered in sweat with the coordination of someone trying to thread a needle while wearing boxing gloves, then yes I was thinking of giving up. Actually saying I was thinking isn’t really accurate because the thought came and went in the blink of an eye.  The ABP works, it does however require me to read labels, to be strong mentally, to be determined and to want one thing more than anything else, to want to win and will do anything to make that happen and nothing is going to change that.

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Down escalator.
I wasn’t sure I firstly wanted to write and secondly to post it, so if you’re seeing this then obviously I did, I’ve said before I wear my heart on my sleeve so others would know what’s happening, good or bad…. I’m writing this a 2.05 am Thursday morning and I’ve just experienced a horrendous 2 hours, because of how great I’ve been feeling especially on Wednesday morning, I was quite shocked, like being on a down escalator but trying desperately to walk up with a 100lb rucksack on my back… Okay I’ll backtrack to Wednesday morning, when Megan my carer came around at 11.30 I told her that I was feeling better than ever, strong, stable physically and mentally. My lunch was a bowl off broccoli and cauliflower with cayenne pepper in a knorr chicken stock cube, it was yummy and so filling. However, minutes, literally minutes after I felt as if all my strength was sucked out of me, getting to the bathroom was a major challenge. Fortunately there was no mishaps, I then asked Megan to get my afternoon supplements and bring them to me once I’d got settled in bed, my thoughts were it would be safer to go rest then at midday rather than wait till she left. I stayed in bed for a few hours and felt good so returned to the living room. She’d made two halves of a pitta bread, gluten free with some fresh sliced beef which I ate at 5.00, then as usual I went back to bed to watch a bit of telly and read. About midnight I settled down to sleep, by the way this is roughly my fourth week of no sleeping pills which I’ve had to take for 25 years. It must have been about half an hour later that the nausea and feelings of needing to get to the bathroom became overwhelming. Trying to sit up was nigh on impossible, if you could have seen me it was laughable but after fifteen minutes I did, I was totally exhausted and my body was drenched in sweat. I couldn’t sit up straight or move my legs even trying to lever them with my arms. I started to wretch and my whole body was convulsing, frightening thinking I was about to have diarrhoea and vomit at the same time, I was so weak and thought I was about to slip off my bed. As I said, the episode lasted about 90 minutes, it’s now 3 am and I feel okay… ish. I think I’ll risk settling down again and hopefully the sweats, weakness and nausea won’t come back.
Thursday morning 8.45 am.
I’m feeling a general weakness but nothing like the frightening spell in the early hours. I did have something similar about 2 years ago but the difference is, and this is so important, I had to stay in bed for 4 days not a matter of hours.


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At one time I thought of myself to be unique, almost in a special way, here I was, not a young man anymore, far from it actually, but still able mentally at least to want to do things, I know that having multiple sclerosis restricts me in everything I do, but in my head although I’m not physically capable now, I honestly believe I will be. As I said, I really thought it was only me that had the belief, the mental strength to force my body to go on, to push through. That was before I started the ABP, during those years I didn’t have a strict but proven outline of what truly works, it was just my stubborn attitude that I was better than the disease. Things are different now, now I’m 6 months into a tried and tested program that works, now it’s not just me saying to myself and others that I will win, now I have a plan. All my life, I like most others simply believed what the so called experts have told us. In my case it was “you have an incurable disease, a disease that will slowly take your life”.
The disease works on you in two ways, it slowly breaks down your ability to function physically, this obviously affects you mentally which exacerbates the progression of the disease. The worst thing is that 99% of sufferers are conned, yes conned into taking the prescribed medication, a course of drugs that placate the body’s own receptors and fool it into thinking it’s okay. Over a period of time the disease just gets too powerful and the body both physically and mentally has to succumb, leaving you with a body that is incapable of controlled movement.
Fortunately for me I refused to take the drugs even though the neurologist told me I was an idiot and would be in a wheelchair permanently within 6 months, 14 yrs later, no drugs and no wheelchair….. hmmmm.
So back to the ABP and 6 months into what I believe to be a big step to health, it’s a bit like a chart of black to white, moving along from my blackest point I’m no longer in the dark. Looking at my personal journey it’s very much minute changes in the shades of grey, unlike Jamie Doornan there aren’t just 50 shades it’s more like 500 and acknowledging the tiny changes are something others can’t necessarily see but living in my body not only are they significant but so, so good